Collecting Vintage Turkeys or Have I lost my Gobblin’ Mind

Collecting Vintage Turkeys or Have I lost my Gobblin’ Mind

I decorate for a living. This is a delight or a curse depending on the month. A delight in October, March, and the rest of the year actually, when I think about it, but a nightmare in November and December. The American public falls into […]

Decorating a Halloween Mantle

Decorating a Halloween Mantle

The focal point of most living spaces is the mantle above the fireplace. This becomes a natural place to show off one’s holiday collections. As a collector of every holiday, my mantle gets quite the workout. Actually, these days my mantle is getting more of […]

How to Make a Spider Brooch

How to Make a Spider Brooch

My First Spider BroochI have started to wear my spider pins to work. I enjoy wearing them the month of October leading up to the grand finale of Halloween!! Which of course, I wear as many as I can at one time without looking too crazy. I have a few other types of brooches and earrings that resemble skeletons, witches and ghosts. But, nothing has the impact of the spider brooch. I have started making jewelry, mostly necklaces and bracelets. I have branched out with earrings which are fun but I have always shied away from brooches. They looked hard to make and it seemed so personal to make a piece of jewelry that someone puts on their chest or shoulder. Very intimate to me. More intimate than the ears, neck or arm. WHY? Who knows why? I surely don’t… Here is my first attempt at a spider brooch. I think it came out cute and lead me to try couple more styles. I feel an obsession starting again.Supplies for making a Spider brooch

Supply List

2 small beads for eyes (I like black or dark eyes)

2 focal beads (1 is for the spider body and the other is for the head)

1 rondelle bead (bead shaped like a donut or a smaller bead than the head)

5 pieces of 22 or 24 gauge wire (cut into 6″ pieces)

Beads for the legs (I used 24 long beads, 40 clear seed beads and 24 small lavender beads

craft glue for a clasp on the back


wire cutters

round nose pliersThe spider's eyes


1. Take one of the wires and slip the eye beads into the center of the wire and fold into half. Smooth the wires together so that you can slide the head bead, the spacer bead and the body bead on to the wires. Failure Alert: Check to make sure that your beads will slide on a double wire. I learned this the hard way and to choose new beads and now a different spider! After sliding the beads on cut the wire 1/4″ long and use the round pliers to curl the wire and make a tight loop that the beads will not fall off. (This is easier than it sounds. It is like using a curling iron.)The spider's body

2. Take 2 of the remaining wires and wrap and twist them around the spider’s body in front of the spacer bead, right below the head. Take the last 2 wires and wrap them below the spacer bead and above the body. ( Think of a trash bag twister ties, same thing!) By Golly, we have legs!! (Failure Alert: Spiders have 8 legs)image

3. Decide on a bead pattern for the legs. Repeat the same pattern on the legs. I used 3 long beads 3 lavender beads and 5 seed beads per leg. Feed the beads on to the wire and cut the wire 1/4″ long and once again curl the wire tightly until the beads are fitting snuggly on the leg. Repeats this until you have 8 legs.

4. Bend the legs to look like upside down letter C. Well like spider legs!!image

5. Glue a C  clasp on the back using superglue or E6000 or a good craft glue. Dry overnight.image

6. Wear and enjoy your spider brooch. This is a low cost project and very easy too make which led to me making a couple more. In fact, I am going to try to make spider earrings and a necklace.

Happy Halloween Cindyimageimage

Collecting Vintage Spider Jewelry

Collecting Vintage Spider Jewelry

    I have been collecting costume jewelry as long as I can remember. What’s not to love about sparkly, shiny, silvery pins, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets? For me, popping a piece of jewelry on a sweater or shirt is prozac. My mood lifts, […]

How to Make a Vintage Halloween Candy Container

How to Make a Vintage Halloween Candy Container

The Germans made the first candy containers in the 1920’s and 1930’s, up to World War II. They sold them in America in the dime stores such as Woolworth’s. As any Halloween collector knows, they have become incredibly expensive. I own one. Thats it. One. […]

Halloween in August

Halloween in August

Boo!!I love Halloween. My favorite candy is candy corn. I love the Americana of the holiday. I love that nothing is really expected of you except candy and a costume. The costume aspect is pretty freewheeling. It is so interesting to me what everyone thinks constitutes a costume. I live in San Diego, the home of Comic Con. We take super heroes and their costumes very seriously. Big money. It amazes me how a quiet person dons a super hero costume and suddenly they are asuper hero in their own lives. Incredible.

I work in a gift store that follows all the holidays. Right now we started Halloween. I know, Halloween in August, ridiculous! But, we have too. We try to have the jump on all the other stores. It really does not work anymore but we keep trying. Besides, we have to because we are decorate for Christmas in September. I know what you are thinking. In December they must be thinking about Easter? No, of course not, We are planning Christmas for the following year. Insane. I know. But, that is retail. And if we do it right it is more exciting than Vegas!

Second Marriage
Second Marriage

Back to Halloween. We are decorated in black, orange, and purple. Yes, purple is the new color for Halloween. It looks great with black and orange. It peps it up. Lime green is good too. The green gives things a creepy glow. It is great. We are featuring a lot of skeleton bride and grooms this year. In fact, we are already almost sold out. I wonder why? Maybe, because of all those wedding TV shows featuring a bridezilla. I am surprised that we do not have a bridezilla skeleton. Godzilla has needed a partner for many moons. That would be great!!

We sell a lot of witch’s hats, headbands and masks. I never seem to match the customer with the right hat. I think it is that super hero costume again. I watch time and time again a demure quiet person pick the most flamboyant hat. It really is wonderful to watch their expressions, the glow on their faces, the years fall away. Once again, they are 10 years old and picking their costume for trick and treating. All that is missing is the candy corn. Too early. Happy Halloween.


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