Starting Over Again or Living Where I Live

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I am starting my blog over again.

I have discovered I needed to change direction.

Me and My Boyfriend

I have decided to live where I live.

No big deal. Right?

I am going to discover my life. Where I live, how I live, who I live with and what lives inside me.

I am a snob.

I grew up in Newport Beach. I loved living there. I really never left. I love the beach. I love beach people. I love beach restaurants. I love summer. My husband moved us to Escondido (Inland) for one year, 35 years ago. I should of caught on sooner that we weren’t going back to Newport Beach.  Every chance I got I would head to the coast. If I couldn’t go to Newport, I would head to Carlsbad or Del Mar or Oceanside. Lunch or Shop or Just Live! My passion is VINTAGE EVERYTHING!!! I have had 3 antique booths in recent years, all at the coast. One in Solana Beach, one in Carlsbad and one in Oceanside. Now all closed.

Kenneth J Lane Necklace
Har Bracelet

I live in Escondido. I have to start living in Escondido. When and where did I have this epiphany? Simple. Really simple.  It happened on the 78 Eastbound at 4:00pm on a Tuesday. The traffic was going no where fast. It gave me time to reflect on some of my life choices. It took me an hour and twenty minutes to get home the exact same time it used to take me to drive to Newport. I had just finished working at my booth in Carlsbad.  I wasn’t doing financially well there. It wasn’t their fault. I rarely went. I wasn’t excited. I wasn’t part of their community. I wasn’t part of any community.  This isn’t home, this isn’t where I live.

I live in Escondido and I need to start living and find my community. If they

Urban Barn
404 E. Grand Ave
Escondido CA

will have me. This epiphany happened right before Christmas. I made the conscious decision to do all my Christmas shopping in Escondido. I started with small independent stores and discovered all these great stores. I work in Escondido at a beautiful store called Canterbury Gardens. I worked there for 30 years. It is an independent store too. I work where I live but I never really committed to my community. This blog is going to be about everything but mostly about connecting with my surroundings, the handmade, the repurposing, the reliving, the reset button in my life.

The next step has been that I have opened a small antique booth and jewelery case at Urban Barn. I have been there about 6 weeks and I love it.  The Urban Barn is fabulous and such a fun place to be. And the Urban Barn is Escondido. 5 minutes from my house I am going all the time. Talking to people. Getting involved.  My husband is helping me too!! Which has been great!! And guess what?? I don’t have to worry about getting on the freeway.

Escondido doesn’t have a beach but I am really looking forward to living here.

My journey begins.